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Some Foods & Cosmetics You Use Are Responsible For Climate Change

Did you know that there are some common foods that use a complex supply chain process which adds up to the vulnerability of our planet. Let’s begin with the foremost one: Tea. By far, tea is one of the most-consumed beverages in the world. Especially popular in South Asian countries, billions of cups of tea are consumed daily. While we do not want you to quit your favorite beverage (as if you will!), if you understand the making of dry tea, you may feel distressed. Or – as a tea lover – you might consider yourself solely responsible for the ruthless climate change. Allow us to break it down for you:

Elle / Pexels / The tea you drink every morning comes from ruthless deforestation of wild trees.

To begin with, the dry tree used in making the leaves for the popular beverage is made up of wild plants. Some certain herbs and trees are used in the making of tea. Apparently, to make dry tea, deforestation is the only available option and as a result, a massive number of wild trees and herbs are cut down.

Thus, the ‘manufacturing’ and supply chain includes massive deforestation.  the vulnerability of our planet. In turn, it adds up to our planet’s vulnerability due to the excessive deforestation. The climate change that all of us see today – in the shape of massive flooding, soil erosion, and the emergence of horrific volcanoes – is the result of deforestation. Likewise, the wildfire that the jungle of Amazon and California witnessed this year is the direct consequence of climate change.

Aksar / Pexels / Countless life essentials are manufactured as a result of massive deforestation.

Apart from tea, there are other essentials that are equally responsible for the vulnerability of our planet. Let us go through them step by step.

  • Cosmetics Like Lotion & Other Makeup Essentials

Just like dry tea, cosmetics are also made of wild herbs and trees. A Harvard-based research highlights that certain ingredients in lotion and other makeup essentials are made of wild herbs. The research also highlights that the deforestation of these wild plants is so massive that they are at risk of extinction.

Karolina / Pexels / Widely used cosmetics and makeup essentials are made from wild herbs and plants.

Makeup and cosmetic products are widely used across the world. With the growing demand for makeup essentials, deforestation has also become massive. Over the years, hundreds of wild trees have gone extinct because of ruthless deforestation.

  • Chocolate

Another widely Swiss-loved ‘food’ (should we even call it food?) is Chocolate. Thanks to the taste of the Swiss, it is no more loved by the Swiss only. Wherever you go, you can find multifarious tastes of Chocolate.

While the yummy food is loved widely, the problem, again, is it’s manufacturing process. Chocolate is made of wild herbs and some plants found in Brazil’s mountains. In chocolate’s production, deforestation is apparent and where there is deforestation, the vulnerability of our planet is at stake.

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