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This 23-Year-Old Suffered from Back Pain Because of Vaping

What may look cool as a trend might not be the best for your health, and 23-year-old Meghan McTigue had to learn this the hard way. Vaping is a trend that goes back to 2003, and recently, it has made a comeback after being featured throughout the social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram.

Vaping refers to the act of inhaling and exhaling nicotine vapors from a device. With the easy availability of this device, many people have resorted to vaping instead of smoking a cigarette but, is it really safe alternate or just a facade?

Pexels | While vaping is relatively safer than smoking cigarettes, it still comes jam-packed with negative side effects

Bringing Awareness to the Dangers of Vaping

McTigue, a young girl, started experiencing severe back pain, which led her to visit a doctor, who asked her an unexpected question. He asked whether she used a vape or not. Meghan mentioned that she had been actively using vape throughout her college years. The doctor told her that it could be a potential reason behind the back pain she was experiencing. The 23-year-old took to TikTok to share her story and narrate the whole ordeal.

Meghan McTigue with Buzzfeed

In an interview with Buzzfeed, McTigue mentioned how she has tried to get rid of her vaping habit but has been unsuccessful. Meghan even got herself subscribed to those text services that provide you with reminders throughout the day to keep you on track and even tried getting rid of her devices, but within a few days, she ends up purchasing a new one.

Deposit Photos | From nicotine patches to lollipops, Meghan had tried it all

She also mentioned that the back pain has been persistent since she was in high school but had gradually gotten worse in the past 2 to 3 months when she is having a hard time carrying out daily routine functions such as walking, standing, or even bending over.

Meghan McTigue visited an orthopedic doctor who ran some investigative tests on her. They showed that Meghan’s spine showed an unusual picture – her lower discs had slightly degenerated, which was the reason behind the unbearable pain. He later told her that prolonged consumption of nicotine has the ability to change the chemical makeup of the spinal disc cell so that they are unable to function properly, leading them to absorb less water and then eventually degenerating.

Pexels | When there is not enough water to create cushioning between the discs, the distance between the discs shortens and causes lower back pain

Nicotine addiction can be dangerous for your health, do not hesitate to reach for help if you find yourself struggling.

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