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Constipation Could Be the Culprit Causing Your Constant Back Pain!

Suffering from lower back pain? You’re not alone.

The human backbone is so complex, with structures of muscles, bones, nerves, joints, discs, tendons, and ligaments contributing to the way it functions. Aging, trauma, obesity, and other underlying issues can be the cause of your pain. Since your lower back is in the same proximity as your colon, naturally, it becomes a prime target for referred pain. Yes, constipation can be the cause of your lower back pain.

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Interested in finding out how? Read on ahead!

But first, what is constipation?

If you have less than 3 bowel movements a week, the chances are that you’re constipated. This issue makes your stool dry, hard, and painful to pass. The Pain Management Center Director at one of New York’s leading health facilities, Dr. Yili Huang, says that constipation contributes to lower back pain because the stool buildup exerts pressure on the rectum or colon. This automatically redirects your pain towards the back. Constipation can also further aggravate back pain if you already have it.

Causes of constipation – and relief methods.Many bodily issues can cause constipations. Here are some possible reasons:

1. Dehydration

You don’t need us to explain how important water is for human beings. As such, not consuming it in sufficient amounts can lead to constipation.

Treatment: This one’s a no-brainer – simply up your water intake. Many sources claim 8 glasses of water are enough for the average person but, everyone’s different. A clear indicator is your urine, which becomes darker as you reduce your water consumption. What you want to achieve is a pale yellow color.

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2. Low-Fiber Diet

Fiber makes it easier for your stool to pass by adding to its bulk. Naturally, then, the lower your fiber intake, the higher the chances of constipation.

Treatment: This one is fairly simple, too. Increase your fiber intake. According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, women should consume 25 grams of fiber per day, while men should have 38 grams. Foods like vegetables, fruits, beans, and whole grains are perfect for consuming.

3. Medication

Medications like antidepressants, narcotics, some antacids, tranquilizers, calcium/iron supplements, blood pressure medication, anticonvulsants, etc., are known for increasing constipation.

Treatment: It is obviously not a good idea to stop taking your medication. Instead, consult your doctor to find a solution. They might be able to prescribe different medications or provide options for relief from constipation.

Other more serious causes of constipation may be Bowel Obstruction, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or Rectal/Colon cancer. In all three cases, we recommend you only take your doctor’s advice and suggestions.

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Wrapping It Up

If you’re unsure whether your back pain is caused by constipation or not, wait until you pass stool. Gastroenterologist at the Feinstein IBD Center at Mount Sinai Hospital and Assistant Professor at the Icahn School of Medicine, Dr. Elena Maser, says that once you pass two banana-sized stools, the pain should subside.

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