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Greenwashing Must Not Be The Standards For 5-Star Hotels – Here’s Why

For billionaires who fly from one part of the world to another in a blink of an eye in their private jets, going green is rarely an option. When they stay in lavish hotels, luxury is their only concern. This 1% of humanity is more responsible for climate change than the 60% of the poorest ones.

Why? Because the lavish supercars that they drive and the private jets that they fly have a higher carbon footprint. What’s more, their overall lifestyle is a telltale of ruthless carbon emissions. Since these ultra-rich folks do not care about going green or sustainability, 5-star hotels do not care about it either. Going green is not their concern because these hotels are meant for the 1% of billionaires.

Castle Bar / Pexels / 5-Star hotels that are meant for the ultra-rich rarely consider the sustainability of the planet.

Even if they do, they claim to be planet-savvy. But in reality, they are not. And this is what greenwashing is all about. Also called green sheen, greenwashing refers to a false claim where companies (hotels, in this case) claim that their services are eco-friendly. Deep down, they are not.

The problem with green sheen or greenwashing is that it does not last long. Why? Because it is not based on truth. Instead, it is a misleading strategy that makes its consumers believe they are playing their role in coping with climate change. Now that the term climate change has become more than it has ever been, 5-star hotels are using green sheen to deceive their consumers that are sustainable.

Azra / Pexels / As the term climate change becomes more popular than it has ever been, 5-star hotels are using greenwashing to deceive their consumers.

We are living in an era where sustainability is a great marketing strategy. It sells! That is why 5-star hotels really need to upscale their services to make a genuine impact. This means that 5-star hotels must not set greenwashing as a standard for their businesses.

Safari Lodge Serengeti: An Exemplary Go-Green 5-Star Hotel

Safari Lodge Serengeti, a 5-star hotel located in the heart of Tanzania, can be a great example here. This 5-star hotel is located in the wilderness of Tanzania. Everything about this lavish 5-star hotel is just perfect. From the locale of the hotel to its fundamental operation, everything is eco-friendly.

Tour Guide / Safari Lodge Serengeti, Tanzania, is a great example of not setting green sheen as a standard for 5-star hotels.

The hotel is a home for billionaires who enjoy infinity pools, a lavish outlook, an extravagant stay, and much more features in this hotel. The best part? It is truly eco-friendly. No green sheen! Just pure go-green strategies.

So much so, that Safari Lodge Serengeti of Tanzania even recycles and resues towels. Plus, Safari Lodge Serengeti has a local plant-based menu that visitors can enjoy. The Mediterranean diet plan is also included in the menu of this 5-star hotel.

Thus, Safari Lodge Serengeti is a 5-star hotel which is enough to prove that greenwashing must not be a standard for 5-star luxury hotels. Safari Lodge Serengeti is one of the top travel destinations for the wealthy elites. And its go-green strategies are what make Safari Lodge Serengeti stand out in the world.

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