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The Happiest, Sleepiest, & Fittest States in the U.S.!

Your mental health and overall state of mind are determined by the location where you live in. For instance, if you live in a developed state with access to all the fundamental needs, you will be happy.

Naturally, you are very likely to adapt to the “culture” and society where you live in. For instance, if you are living in a state which is filled with noise and is busy all the time, you are likely to be depressed. Either you will have to adapt to the lifestyle that your state demands, or you will end up lagging behind in life.

Ilkin/Pexels | Where you live determines your overall lifestyle and your state of mind.

Thus, it is unavoidable that you will have to carry on with your state’s demands. Be it for good or bad. In September 2022, a report revealed the happiest, sleepiest, and fittest U.S. states.

Before you read the report, it is essential to understand that your vicinity is what makes you. For good or bad, it will either make or break you. So, if you can afford it, we recommend you shift to the state that is the happiest. Why? Because you will live a comfortable life there. Similarly, your kids will live a better lifestyle as well.

The latest report, called Happiness Report 2022, gives a detailed overview of states in the U.S. In chronological order, the report explains where each state stands. Here is what the report looks like:

Delaware: The Happiest State

According to the report, the happiest state in the United States is Delaware. Essentially, the population is normal there, and it is not as busy as in other states.

Leah/Pexels | Living in the happiest state (of the U.S.) means living a happy, comfortable lifestyle.

Another distinguishing feature of Deleware is its access to all basic needs. Be it healthcare or education, Deleware has it all. Above all, the streets of Deleware are not over-trafficked. Unlike New York, you will not hit busy roads in Deleware.

Mississippi: The Sleepiest State

This may sound crazy. But the report says it with proof. Mississippi is the sleepiest state, says the report. Essentially, people in Mississippi are quite boring; they are great procrastinators.

Likewise, the streets in Mississippi are also dull and boring. Even in supermarkets, you can barely find active people. However, the report does not tell us what is wrong with the netizens there, but here we are. The old goers used to say that you will naturally fall asleep once you land in Mississippi. As it turns out, they were right.

Gustavo/Pexels | If you want to live in the happiest state, move to Deleware.

New Hampshire: The Fittest State

New Hampshire is a state of healthy and good-looking people. In this state, you can frequently see people of all ages exercising, brisk walking, and doing crazy push-ups.

The netizens of New Hampshire are healthy and physically fit. In the market, you can witness that tattooed fellows – with heavy muscles – are ubiquitous.

The other states on the list included Oklahoma (the state with the achiest joints) and Rhode Island (the state with the highest energy).

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