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Here’s a Delicious, & Healthy Smoothie Enriched With Omega-3s

Most of us carry a preconceived notion that a healthy diet comes with several restrictions. But this isn’t entirely true. A balanced and nutritious palate can be quite simple to follow; all you need is dedication and guidance to do it the right way.

Speaking of healthy diets, do you know the different crucial elements that go into making it? Proteins, carbohydrates, and even fats – you need a bit of everything to ensure proper nutrition.


Unsplash | One of the most critical elements needed by the human body is omega-3

One of the most critical elements needed by the human body is omega-3. It is, in fact, so beneficial that the American Heart Association (AHA) recommends everyone to eat fishes, like salmon, lake trout, herring, sardines, mackerel, and tuna, which are rich in omega-3, at least twice a week!

But why is it so? What is it about omega-3, which makes it so essential? Let’s find out.

Why is Omega 3s important for the body?

  • It reduces risks of heart diseases

Omega-3s help in fighting against heart diseases and keep blood pressure under control. Researchers have observed that people who consume it regularly have a very low rate of these diseases.

  • It benefits people with mental disorders

People having psychiatric diseases have been observed to have low levels of omega-3. Not just mental disorders, but it also reduces anxiety and stress levels.

  • It helps prevent Cancer

Omega-3 has the potential to fight a lot of chronic diseases and one of them is cancer. Studies have shown that people who consume omega-3 are up to 55% less prone to colon cancer.


Unsplash | Omega-3 fatty acid offers a lot of health benefits to the human body, which is why doctors often recommend its consumption

A yummy smoothie rich in Omega-3s

With summers turning the heat up, smoothies make for the perfect refreshers, right? And we’re sure you know that in addition to tasting awesome, they’re packed with a lot of health benefits too.

So why don’t you cool off your summers with this refreshing recipe for omega-3 rich Citrus Ginger Smoothie? You’ll need:

  • 125 ml soy milk
  • Chilled 113 g plain soft Tofu
  • 10 ml freshly squeezed juice from 1 orange
  • 5 ml lemon juice
  • 15 ml grated Ginger root
  • Hemp seed or Flaxseed oil, or contents of 1 fish oil capsule
  • Cardamom (optional)

Once you have all the ingredients ready, just blend them all together except for the oil. Until the mixture becomes smooth and creamy, whirl it properly, and then add the oil. Pour it in a glass, and there you go! And in case you’re wondering how the smoothie will help you, the answer lies in its ingredients – soy milk is a great source of omega-3, and the citric acid from lemon and oranges metabolizes energy, protects you from kidney stones, and enhances the bioavailability of minerals.


Unsplash | Check out our omega-3 rich recipe for Citrus Ginger Smoothie

To wrap it up

There are a lot of vitamins, minerals, and elements our bodies need on an everyday basis. While ensuring a balanced nutritious diet is the first step towards a healthy life, we can also consult our doctors and intake a few supplements to make up for inherent deficiencies. But if pills aren’t your thing, well, shakes and smoothies enriched with the right ingredients is the way to go!

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