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Did You Know Flavonoid-rich Food Helps Prevent Risk of Dementia?

Remember the times when our moms used to trick us into eating colorful fruits and veggies? Those were the good old times, or let’s say bitter-sweet childhood memories! 


Lisa Yount/Unsplash | Research says colorful fruits and veggies are rich in flavonoids, chemicals that helps prevent the risk of dementia

For most of us, it sure used to be a pain to consume all those foods, but what we didn’t know was that they would benefit us in surprising ways once we got older. It turns out, our moms were absolutely right (as they always are, by the way)! Fruits and vegetables like oranges, strawberries, peppers, blueberries, etc., get their bright colors from plant chemicals called flavonoids. These phytochemicals consist of extremely powerful antioxidant properties that are believed to reduce the risk of oxidative stress. 

But how is oxidative stress harmful, and more importantly, how can we cure and prevent it? Let’s find out.

Downfalls of oxidative stress

Oxidative stress can be a strong reason behind age-related cognitive crumble that eventually leads to the serious condition of dementia, a health issue that wreaks a person’s thinking and reasoning abilities.

As per a report, in 2014 more than 5 million people aged between 65 to 70 years had dementia all across the world, and that’s just about people living in the USA alone! Various projections reveal that this number will increase by the year 2060 and cross the mark of approximately 14 million. 


Robert Thiemann/Unsplash | Though temporary treatments are available for dementia, there’s no permanent solution except boosting flavonoid intake from an early life

No doubt, there are some temporary treatments available in order to pacify its symptoms, but the truth is that there are no permanent solutions available to cure or reverse this fatal condition. But, here’s some good news!

A new study proves that people who consume flavonoids-rich foods, and have done so in their earlier life, are quite less likely to contract symptoms of cognitive decline in their later life. Turns out, consumption of flavonoid-rich food works better than physical activities and exercises!

Antioxidants to the rescue

Dr. Walter Willett, Ph.D., and professor at Harvard University in Boston, Massachusetts, states that there’s ascending evidence and proof that claim flavonoids are extreme powerhouses of antioxidants and immensely help in reversing the symptoms of dementia. He further adds that the results found while going through the research prove that making simple changes in everyday diet can lead to huge effects that can definitely help in preventing cognitive decline. 

To put a name to the exact fruits and veggies that are the most beneficial, flavones are usually presented in yellow and orange-colored fruits which are associated to provide 38% more prevention from cognitive decline. On the contrary, anthocyanins are present in fruits like berries (all types) and cherries associated to provide 24% prevention. 


Danie Franco/Unsplash | Flavonoid-rich foods are rich in antioxidants which help in reversing the symptoms of dementia

Wrapping up

Our elders have always said, ”prevention is better than cure,” and it seems that’s the case with dementia and some other age-related conditions. As of now, there are no exact medications or cures available to treat dementia. But we’re sure that scientists and researchers are trying their best to find a suitable cure for this disease. Till then, listen to your mother and finish all the fruits and vegetables on your plate, okay?

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