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Nutritionists View on Chocolate Milk And Its Effects on The Body

Chocolate milk is perhaps the most simple and cheapest yet delicious drink that people of all ages worldwide. Perhaps it’s the nostalgia that we attach to it or the fact that it’s impossible not to love it!

It is made with three to four easily available ingredients: milk, cocoa powder, and vanilla ice cream (optional) for decoration and an added flavor. 

You must have heard from your school coaches to drink chocolate milk after every practice, or your parents would treat you with a chocolate milk drink after a long day. This is because it contains the same nutrients as found in unflavoured milk along with additional benefits that add up to become a secret weapon for well-performing athletes all around the world.

It is an excellent low-fat drink that increases your calcium and vitamin intake in your body. Along with being rich in carbs and calories, it also provides protein, potassium, phosphorus, and riboflavin, which help convert food into energy and help to build and maintain stronger bones and lean muscles. 
Alex Green/ Pexels | No one ever grows out of love for chocolate milk

Chocolate milk according to your diet:

As an adult, everyone craves a sip of their childhood favorite drink, but unfortunately, not all of us can go back to chugging down a glass of chocolate drink every day because of problems like lactose intolerance or diabetes.

Luckily enough, there are a few ways to turn chocolate milk into an all-organic drink. You can replace the sugar with natural sweeteners. Similarly, you can also replace the milk with dairy-free almond milk and gluten with all-natural dark cocoa powder and pure vanilla extract. Instead of adding chocolate, you could use diet-based chocolate syrup. 

Here’s how chocolate drink impacts your body and health

  1. Improves your skin: Yes, it’s true, chocolate milk helps in strengthening and maintaining healthy skin! It is loaded with Vitamin A and B-6 with a little bit of potassium which strengthens your skin and removes wrinkles. It also helps in retaining water in the skin along with removing dead skin and replacing it with new skin cells giving your skin a natural glow. 
  2. Replenishes Electrolytes: Chocolate drinks are heavily considered as a recovery drink because it replenishes the sugars, fluids and electrolytes lost during a heavy workout. It also rehydrates the body and prevents dehydration.

    Victor/ Pexels | Cap off a good workout with a glass of warm chocolate milk

  3. Muscle repair: The potassium concentration fulfills the energy requirements of your muscles and protects them from pain, fatigue, or stiffness. In short, chocolate milk acts like a natural and healthy energy drink with additional benefits to certain parts of your body. The protein levels repair any damaged muscle and build and strengthen them along with preparing them for the next workout. 

However, this drink does have some downsides:

Igor Haritanovich/ Pexels | Chocolate is ground from the beans of happiness.

  1. Rich in sugar: Most of the carbs in a chocolate milk drink come from added sugars. Nutritionists typically recommend the average intake of 6 teaspoons of sugar per day in adults and children. One cup of chocolate milk contains 3-4 teaspoons. 
  2. Heart diseases: The saturated fats and added sugars could put your body at risk of heart diseases such as high cholesterol and Triglyceride.

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