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Is It Really Possible to Lose Weight With The Right Yoga Type?

Have you noticed how Yoga has become such a craze these days? From celebs to fitness enthusiasts, people have started following Yoga routines for a balanced journey towards wellbeing. But why is the practice gaining such momentum?

For starters, most of us are aware that Yoga is a form of mindful physical training that can help establish a connection between the brain and body. There are numerous kinds of yoga, and some focus on strength while some on self-care. But, what’s interesting to note, is that certain forms of Yoga also help reduce body weight.


Pixabay | Several people follow Yoga practice for a balanced journey towards wellbeing

It’s true! Yoga can assist you with getting in shape since it helps consume more calories and decrease pressure which is one of the root causes of obesity. But not all Yoga forms work towards the same goal. In fact, only certain yoga types build the pulse and consume calories.

So what are these yoga types, and how can they help with weight reduction? Let’s find out.

What Yoga type works great for weight loss?

While there are various yoga types, only certain ones help reduce a person’s weight. Instructor and founder of Box + Flow, Olivia Young, suggests Vinyasa (Yoga type) to all those who wish to burn their calories.

She states that it’s very strenuous, and people need to move constantly as this Yoga type is based on cardio. Additionally, the Vinyasa has its own subtypes, like power Yoga, and they’re all referred to as “flow” for the method keeps one on continuous movement.


Louisa Larson Photography | In addition to other benefits, Intense Yoga can help you reduce quite a lot of weight

Young also says that people need to be aware of the actions like the high plank, low push up, and downward dog, for they’re the common movements in this flow sequence.

Note: While Vinyasa includes various constant poses that keep a person moving, the Hatha type carries only one pose at a time with breaks between actions. Both are “Intense Yoga” types, which is the specific Yoga form that helps in reducing weight.

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How much weight can Yoga help you lose?

Every person’s body type is unique, and thus, different Yoga methods have different impacts on different people. Yoga’s factors to effectively work are the initial weight, the activity rate of the person, and their diet routine.

To know how much weight you can lose with Yoga, we must remember that we shouldn’t do it for a short time when we opt for a type. Practicing Yoga requires a good amount of time. Young suggests people practice yoga every week at least four times and with other workouts like cardio, running, or shadowboxing. This way, there are high chances of becoming flexible, strong, and reducing weight.

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Pixabay | To lose significant weight with Yoga, you must practice it in a routine throughout the week

To wrap it up

The CDC suggests people take things slow with Yoga and not rush weight loss by coupling physical training with extreme dieting. Losing 1-2 pounds per week should be enough.

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