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How Reliable is Calorie Deficit Diet Approach For Weight Loss? Hear From an Expert Dietician

If you have a weight loss plan in mind, it is sane to assess what you consume every day. Every single food that you eat has a direct impact on your physical well-being. With that said, it makes sense to research diet plans that are most effective. If you go online, you will be flooded with ‘trendy’ diet plans that claim to be effective for losing weight.

Total Space / Pexels / Dieticians unanimously agree that the Calorie Deficit Diet plan is the most reliable approach for losing weight – even today.

However, losing weight has been a grand objective of our ancestors. There are numerous techniques, that date back to centuries, and have been effective for burning calories. Perhaps the most prominent among them – even today – is Calorie Deficit Diet. Before we dive into its benefits and pluses, let’s understand what Calorie Deficit Diet is.

What is Calorie Deficit Diet?

“Calorie Deficit Diet plan is specifically concerned with the calories in our bodies. It does not specify any food that you should or should not eat,” says popular dietician and author of the book The Little Book of Game Changers, Jessica Cording. According to Jessica, calories refer to the energy that the food you consume contains.

“As your body breaks down food, calories are released. So, you need to consume a standard amount of calories in order for your body to function properly. When you consume more than the standard amount of calories, it takes the shape of fats. Ultimately, you get body overweight.”

Any Lane / Pexels / In essence, a Calorie Deficit Diet refers to consuming food that releases a standard amount of calories.

Essentially, if you follow the Calorie Deficit Diet approach, you tend to eat food that has a standard amount of calories. In other words, you do not consume more calories than your body burns. Again, there are no hard and fast rules (dos and don’ts) in the Calorie Deficit Diet. Rather, it is a generalized plan that disallows consuming food that is rich in calories. However, this gives birth to a thousand dollars question:

How Reliable is Calorie Deficit Diet for Weight Loss?

Shvets Production / Pexels / Calorie Deficit Diet plan is an approach that allows you to consume fewer calories than your body burns. Consequently, you lose weight.

Jessica, the above-mentioned dietician, argues that if you calculate correctly, a thoroughly followed Calorie Deficit Diet plan can help in either losing or gaining weight. “If you consume lesser calories compared to what your body burns every day, you are very likely to lose weight,” argues Jessica.

After all, calories are the fundamental factors that determine the weight of your body. Apparently, if the food that you consume every day produces fewer calories than your body burns, the obvious result will be losing weight.

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