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Stressed Out Lately? Here’s to How Recognize Burnout and Its Treatment

What is burnout? The simplest answer to that question is a state in which you feel overwhelmed or under continuous stress, which leaves you incapable of following your daily routine and feeling powerless over your situation.

Burnout is quite harmful as it leaves your creativity at an all-time low, and you keep feeling drained mentally and physically.

Shutterstock |People are very likely to experience burnout in these turbulent times

What Are the Symptoms

People suffering from burnout may exhibit the following physical, emotional and behavioral signs.

– Physical Signs– Exhaustion, falling sick often, headaches, and even disturbance in sleeping and eating habits.

– Emotional Signs- Insecurity, constant feeling of not being good enough, loss of motivation, dissatisfaction, and negative sentiments towards everything and everyone.

– Behavioral Signs-  Drastic move away from daily responsibilities, finding solace in unhealthy habits such as the use of food, alcohol, or drugs as a coping mechanism.

What Causes a Burnout

There are many factors that can lead to burnout. It could be someone who has been under a significant workload at the office or someone who is managing their home day in day out. With the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have been under stress regarding their health or that of their loved ones.

Below, we explore the 3 common causes of burnout:

1. Worked-Out

Sometimes, work can get severely overwhelming. You feel trapped, and things feel out of control. The lack of recognition for your previous hard work makes matters worse, causing you to experience burnout.

2. Lifestyle

Believe it or not, but, lifestyle plays a major role in your well-being. People who tend to work too much and don’t socialize, are more prone to getting a burnout. Their lifestyles are so tough, with too many responsibilities or the lack of a support system such as friends and family.

3. Personality

Personality traits such a being a perfectionist or being controlling can also lead to burnout. These types of people have a pessimistic view of life. They are rarely satisfied, and they wish to be in control at all times, but when that control starts slipping, they can’t help but feel defenseless.

Shutterstock |Switch to a healthy lifestyle

How to Treat a Burnout

Now, we know what burnout is and what causes it. Let’s talk about some ways we can treat burnout.

1. Don’t Be Afraid to Reach Out. Socializing is very powerful and is underrated too. A good chit-chat with a friend or a relative can change your perspective and give you the help you need.

2. Look At the Other Side of the Coin. Take some time off to re-evaluate your choices and your work. Find that work-play balance.

3. Change Your Perspective. Sometimes working tirelessly can definitely put you in a bad mood. Grab a cup of coffee and make sure to take in that positive energy.

Shutterstock | Release that stress with friends

4. Go for a Walk. Exercise is found to be the best de-stress option. It regulates the blood and hormones in your body, which keep you healthy and fresh.

5. A Healthy Diet is the Best Diet. Taking care of yourself should be your number one priority, one of the reasons you are feeling stressed is that you are not giving your mind and your body the attention it needs, so try focusing on keeping a healthy diet.

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