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Tips and Tricks to Make Your Salads More Interesting and Filling

We won’t be subtle about it. Most people hate salads because nearly seven out of ten salad recipes are awful! And why wouldn’t they? They’re totally bland, dry, and aren’t even filling. There, we said it!

But, there’s a catch to this whole equation. This little ‘side’ problem can be fixed (see what we did there?). All you need to do is unleash the creative genius within you.


Jez Timms/Unsplash | To toss up an interesting salad bowl that isn’t overly bland, you need to get creative

Most ‘wannabe’ meal salads are nothing but simple side salads in disguise. For instance, look at that bag of sad leafy vegetables lying in the corner of your refrigerator. No matter how much or what kind of salad dressing you pour on such veggies (be it ranch, balsamic, or apple cider), nothing will keep you satiated for more than an hour. What you need is a pinch of “out-of-the-box” to make boring salads interesting and more filing. 

So what say today we team up to try out some easy and hundred percent tried and tested tips that actually work? Geared up? Well then, let’s dive right in!

Add a considerable amount of micronutrients

The main reason why your salads don’t keep you full for more than an hour is that they don’t have enough calories in them. In order to prepare a more filling and wholesome salad bowl, you must add enough amounts of protein, fats, and carbohydrates to it. Remember, sufficient calorie intake is essential for your body, irrespective of whether you’re in a calorie surplus or deficit. Providing the required nutrition to your body is critical.


Brands&People/Unsplash | To prepare a more wholesome salad bowl, you must add enough proteins, fats, and carbohydrates to it

Don’t cut down on protein

Nutritionists advise consuming around 15-30 grams of protein in every meal. If you’re a meat-lover, good for you. But if you’re a vegetarian, you might need to get a lot more creative! You can add half a cup of soya chunks, baked beans, seeds, grains, or cheese in your salads. But make sure you’re adding a good amount of this stuff in each bowl or else it wouldn’t make a difference. Move beyond those 1-2 tablespoon measures. You’re a full-grown human being, not a bird!

When in doubt, add some bread

There’s this myth that bread can make you fat. Honestly, that’s not at all true! No food can make you gain weight until you consume it in excessive amounts. And that’s why including a decent amount of bread in your meals is not going to hurt. But, if still you aren’t convinced, we recommend you try whole grain, wheat, ragi, or buckwheat bread. Trust us! It’ll be a complete game-changer. 


Mae Mu/Unsplash | Adding moderate amounts of nutrient high bread to your salads can make them filling and tastier

Whip up new dressings

We get it, having the same salad dressings again and again can be extremely boring. So why not try something new? Adding a bit of sweetness and spice can act as a complete changer for your monotonous salad dressings.

To bring in a kick of spice and flavors, try adding salted pickles and jalapenos, or even a spoonful of hummus, garlic mayonnaise or anchovies. You’ll love the earthy and pungent flavor all this brings out. 

So, which tip did you like best? Don’t forget to let us know!

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