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Breast Cancer Drug Can Be Used To Treat More Patients

Breast cancer is a disease that affects many women globally. Even though breast cancer can occur in both men and women, it’s more commonly detected in women. A lot of research has been conducted to know more about the disease; recent research shows that the drug targeting protein that initiates breast cancer growth has been successful against tumors with low levels of protein. However, this is not the cure for the disease but this revelation can offer ground for further development in finding a cure.

Breast Cancer Cells And Treatment

Breast cancer cells are categorized as HER2-positive and have more protein cells than HER2-negative. The advance Sunday doctors said that the drug will make HER2-low, which can offer a new category for breast cancer treatment. People in the last stage of cancer are categorized as HER2-negative but the drug can make them HER2-low so that they are eligible for the drug.

Anna/Pexels | The drug works by stopping the cancer cells from growing


The protein drug is Enhertu, which is an antibody chemotherapy combo given through IV. It blocks the HER2 protein and releases strong cancer-killing chemicals inside the cells. The drug has been classified into a new class called antibody drug conjugates. It works by increasing the life expectancy of people suffering from cancer by restricting the growth of cancer. 


A comparison between Enhertu and chemo was done on some patients. The sample size of patients on whom this comparison was to be done was 500, and they were suffering from HER2-low breast cancer that cannot be treated with surgery. The drug stopped cancer from progressing for 10 months compared to regular care where cancer can be restricted for five and a half months. The drug improved the chances of survival from 17.5 months to 23.9 months.

Antoni/Pexels | The drug has a much better effect in increasing life expectancy than chemo


Researchers are now trying to identify the grey areas for the drug to make sure it is given to the right patients. The drug costs approximately $14,000 per month and can also have complications. Three patients died during the study because of a lung disease caused by it. Therefore, it is important that doctors administer the patients closely when they’re given the drug. If they report any breathing problem(s), the drug should be stopped immediately.

The findings related to the drug were disclosed on Sunday at the annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology in Chicago. The findings were then published in the New England Journal of Medicine. Funds needed for the study came from Tokyo-based Daiichi Sankyo and AstraZeneca based in the U.K. Combined efforts of both companies led to the development of the drug.

Thirdman/Pexels | Doctors should supervise their patients for possible side effects when they give them this drug


The study’s lead person Dr. Shannu Modi of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York said that since the drug is a new discovery, not many people have heard of it. He further said that they finally have a HER2-targeted drug that can target low levels of HER2. The drug can be used to target patients suffering from breast cancer by lowering HER2.

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