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China Covid: How Far Has It Reached? Here Are The Latest Reports

Chinese cities and medical institutions are intensifying their efforts to develop intensive care units (ICUs) and increase their reserves of medical resources and treatment facilities. These resources are used to treat patients with severe COVID-19 in an effort to bolster medical treatment capacities in response to the epidemic.

Building pressure across China

GETTY IMAGES/ BBC | Patients are arriving at his hospital in ever-increasing numbers

Chinese hospitals and funeral homes were under great strain on Wednesday as a soaring COVID-19 wave sapped resources. At the same time, the scope of the epidemic and skepticism around official statistics pushed other nations to contemplate further travel restrictions for Chinese tourists.

China began dismantling the world’s tightest COVID regime of lockdowns and thorough testing, putting its shattered economy on track for a full reopening the next year.

According to official data, Japan’s overall vaccination rate is around 90%. Still, the percentage of individuals who have had booster injections lowers to 57.9%, and for those aged 80 and older, it is 42.3%. Nine authorized COVID vaccines were created domestically, but none has been modified to target the highly contagious Omicron form.

How many Covid cases are there in China?

Wu Hao/ EPA | More than 5,000 people are probably dying each day from Covid-19 in China

Despite the death toll, China has restricted criteria for certifying Covid-19 deaths, including those who die directly from respiratory infections caused by a coronavirus and not those who die due to its secondary consequences.

Further statistics

Reports in the media concerning the urgent acquisition of medical equipment for COVID- In hospitals, 19 serious instances have increased in frequency recently. For instance, the People’s Hospital in the Dazu district of the Chongqing Municipality in Southwest China has planned $2.67 million, and the hospital of traditional Chinese medicine in the Duzu district has budgeted $15.93 million for purchasing equipment to handle severe illnesses.

Reuters/ Dawn | Chinese government continues to invest in its health systems

The People’s Hospital in Caoxian county, Shandong Province, East China, budgeted 5 million yuan for equipment such as ventilators. People’s Hospital in Dengfeng, Henan Province, North China, is slated to acquire medical cranes, invasive ventilators, and extracorporeal membrane oxygenators (ECMO).

A medical staff member at a Shanghai hospital told the Global Times that his facility has increased its medicine stockpiles and has been in contact with pharmaceutical companies to obtain additional cold and flu medications.

Increasing medical resources for severe patients is currently one of the key objectives of many local governments.

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