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The House Progressive Bill Plans To Take Medicare Out Of Medicare Advantage’s Name

Let’s be honest: healthcare is every person’s right, whether one is an immigrant or a citizen! Every person deserves to go to the hospital without worrying about a big bill that will be mailed their way after a week. For many people, it is a significant decision when they have to choose between not paying either the monthly rent or paying off a bill from a visit to the emergency room because of an unfortunate event. This is where insurance companies come in; they provide you discounts and health coverage, but it’s a privilege that not everyone can afford, unfortunately. However, the house progressive isn’t making it any easier since the two house progressive lawmakers introduced new legislation which wants to change medicare.

Pixabay/Pexels | Advantages to an alternative private health program.

Save Medicare Act

Reps. Mark Pocan and Ro Khanna introduced the Save Medicare Act, which argues that the MA plan misleads the senior group of the population. Once this bill was introduced, it was visible that Medicare Advantage has garnered quite the support, but there is still opposition among the progressive lawmakers. 

The issue with Medicare Advantage is that it provides a platform for private insurance to profit from denying coverage to senior citizens. At the same time, the name is being used as a way to trick them into enrolling, which is not right, said Ro Khanna, who is working to oppose the Medicare Advantage. He continued and mentioned that the ‘Save Medicare Act’ bill serves as a way to stop private insurers from calling themselves Medicare when they are not.

Pixabay/Pexels | This will help them to focus on real medicare instead.

No Deception Allowed

This legislation is working on renaming and relabeling Medicare Advantage and alternative private health plans, so it doesn’t mislead anyone. That is not all; this legislation will also make insurers liable to be fined if they use Medicare in their advertisements or plan titles

Pocan also shined a light on the fact that Congress should focus its energy and efforts on expanding real Medicare, which should be inclusive of dental, hearing, and vision benefits, which are initially offered by the Medicare Advantage plan.

The Problem At Hand

He also stated that the main problem with these private insurers is that non-medicare plans not only undervalue traditional Medicare but also leave patients without proper benefits while charging the federal government for corporate profit. However, it is unfortunate to note that the bill doesn’t seem to have attracted the majority’s attention, as 80% of the lawmakers have lent their support to the Medicare Advantage plan. The Medicare Advantage advocates believe it is beneficial since it reduces seniors’ costs. 

Andrea/Pexels | Whatever the outcome may be, this situation only highlights the need for a universal healthcare program that caters to all of their needs.


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