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Saved by the Bell Star Dustin Diamond Diagnosed With Cancer

If you’re an 80s kid, there’s no way you don’t know about Dustin Diamond. The NBC teen sitcom Saved by the Bell was an instant smash when it aired back in 1989. With his hilarious performance as Samuel Powers, aka Screech, Dustin stole our hearts as soon as we saw him on our TV screens.

CNN | Saved by the bell was the peak of Dustin’s career

Unfortunately, though, the recent news we heard about the actor wasn’t all that great.

The Latest Reports

According to an official statement shared on the star’s Facebook page, following reports of his hospitalization, we’ve come to learn that Diamond has been diagnosed with cancer. Although the statement failed to mention the stage or type, sources close to him have revealed that the cancer is at its fourth stage. As of now, the actor is stationed in Florida, undergoing further testing and treatment.

Another source told Entertainment Weekly that the chemo was to last a week, following which doctors would decide when it would be safe for Diamond to return home. In a week’s time, the source added, doctors would have more clarity regarding the severity of his condition.

Shutterstock | Medically accurate illustration of cancer cells

Understanding the Disease.

According to the National Cancer Institute, fourth stage cancer means that the disease has spread throughout much of the body. The American Cancer Society, moreover, states that stages of the disease relay survival rates of different types of cancer.

A common treatment, as is public knowledge, is chemotherapy. In this treatment form, drugs are injected to slow down or stop the disease-causing cells’ growth. It can be used both paired with a broader treatment plan or as a stand-alone.

Chemotherapy is a systematic therapy and is administered through an IV. Unlike other drugs that specifically target cancer cells, chemo works throughout the body. Besides slowing cancer cells’ growth, it can shrink tumors, thereby easing symptoms of the disease. Side effects include nausea, severe fatigue, and hair loss.

Shutterstock | Cancer patients undergoing chemo

Another Affliction?

After being admitted to the hospital, it was also revealed that the star had been dealing with another severe medical condition called shingles. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the condition is caused by the same virus that causes chickenpox- the varicella-zoster virus. After lying dormant in the body for a while, the virus reactivates to cause a painful rash.

This rash mostly appears on only one side of the body, in a characteristic shape on the torso. Some rare cases have also seen it affect the eye, combined with a migraine-like headache. It can, in some cases, also leave behind nerve pain. Antiviral medications are used to treat it.

We’re still waiting to hear more about Dustin’s condition. Till then, our best wishes remain with the star and his family.

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