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Cleansing Your Liver Should Be Your Priority and Here’s Why

The liver is one of the body’s most essential and functional organs. It is designed to help your body digest the food you eat, also absorb nutrients, and eliminate toxins as well. Basically, everything that you consume and put in your body passes through the liver. It goes without saying that without it, you will die.

Now, you should know that your liver is constantly in danger of factors that are both within and outside your control. Did you know that liver damage can be inherited from a family member? Not only that, but the liver can also be damaged by toxicity caused by viruses, chemicals and, of course, cirrhosis of the liver, a disease that could affect your liver permanently. This is why more and more people are on the lookout for products to help cleanse the body and tissues around the liver of fat and toxins.

Liver damage is often manifested in a number of ways. Here are some of the very common and telltale symptoms:


This is, by far, the most common symptom caused by liver damage. Your skin and the whites of your eyes will turn yellow as a result of the bile pigment bilirubin building up in your blood. When the body is unable to eliminate it as waste, jaundice occurs.

Abdominal pain

Any pains located around the upper right corner of your abdomen or the lower right portion of the rib cage means possible liver damage.

A swollen abdomen caused by cirrhosis

Cirrhosis is a very serious sign that there may be a progression of liver disease. You may experience fluid build-up known as Ascites in your abdomen. This happens when levels of protein and albumin in the blood and fluid are retained and not eliminated as waste.

Itchy, irritated skin

When your skin develops an itch that doesn’t go away, and you have a flaky surface skin rash, then this can be another sign of liver damage. It happens when your body lacks fluid flow.


Acid reflux may seem like a common enough affliction, but it has been linked to liver damage. This may even lead to bouts of vomiting.

Stool changes

Changes in bowel movement come with liver damage. This includes constipation, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), or stool that is tar-colored, pale or has any traces of blood.

Darker colored urine

If your urine turns a noticeably darker yellow color, then it could be due to an increase in the levels of bilirubin in your bloodstream. This is caused when a damaged liver cannot eliminate waste via excretion through your kidneys.

Fluid retention

This is called Oedema and usually occurs around the ankles and feet. An obvious indication of the condition is when you press down on the skin, and an imprint will remain for several seconds.

Liver failure

Once there are muscle and mental weakness, chronic fatigue, memory loss, confusion, and coma, the liver will likely go into liver failure.

Liver damage

Once liver failure takes place with no proper medical action taken, there could be serious appetite loss, then weight loss, at which point, nutrients must be delivered intravenously.

In summary, the liver is basically over-taxed because we consume so many unhealthy over-processed foods and synthetic chemicals. When a liver becomes overworked, it cannot efficiently process toxins, which your body holds on to within the fat tissue that resides deep within your organs. Thanks to research and science, every year we hear about the latest news and trends for weight loss, especially just before the New Year begins. Unfortunately, not all of these trends are good ones. In fact, one such discovery most recently shared to the world addresses the alarming statistic that a whopping 20 percent of liver injuries recorded are drug-related and are caused by dietary supplements. This is a significant increase from 7 percent in the last 20 years or so. There are even recorded instances of patients suffering from severe liver damage after using a “fat burning” supplement advertised as a green tea extract.

Luckily, the fat and toxins can be eliminated through the waste passages by complete cleansing and detoxification of the tissues. The result is a healthier liver and, of course, less belly fat.

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