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Does Morning Coffee Boost Blood Sugar? Let’s Know What Experts Say

When you get out of bed all groggy, nothing gets your senses back on track like a good cup of coffee. And if you agree to that, you’re probably among the people who’re in the habit of having that caffeine dose in the morning to kick-start the day.

Are you nodding? If you are, well, we have a shocker in store for you. According to health experts, black coffee isn’t a great option to start the day with. Studies have revealed that it may slow down your metabolism while affecting your blood sugar level.

We know you think we’re bluffing, but trust us, we’ve got facts to support that claim. Do check them out here.


Unsplash | Experts suggest having coffee in the morning might be harmful to health

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A look at what research has to say

The Centre for Nutrition, Exercise, and Metabolism at the University of Bath (UK) has unveiled a few dangerous effects of coffee.

According to research conducted on the blood samples of 29 healthy people who went through 3 different random overnight experiments, a stunning relationship between coffee and disturbed sleep was discovered. It was found that morning coffee affects sleep quality and blood sugar levels as well.

This is how the study was conducted.

  1. In one group, the participants had a healthy nap at night, and they were asked to drink a sugary drink after waking up in the morning.
  2. The other group encountered an intruded sleep at night, and after waking up, they were provided with the same sugary drink. Researchers woke them up every hour and gave them the sugary drink.
  3. For the third group, the same sleep disruption was arranged, but they had to take black coffee 30 minutes prior to the sugary drink consumption.

Unsplash | As per the results of a study, morning coffee causes a spike in blood sugar level and lowers metabolism

The results were shocking. While the people whose sleep was interrupted didn’t have much negative effect on their blood sugar level, neither did the ones who had pretty normal sleep. But the group that had black coffee with disrupted sleep witnessed a 50 percent rise in their blood sugar level.

To put it simply

Our body’s sugar level gets drastically affected by coffee in the morning. The chances rise if we’ve had disrupted sleep the night before.

So, does this mean that we have to say goodbye to our coffee?

No, we don’t want to deprive you of your guilty pleasure. But we surely recommend having a healthy breakfast and then jumping to coffee! After all, you have to find a proper balance between the positives and negatives of including your favorite food on the list.

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Unsplash | The best solution is the have s healthy breakfast and then have coffee

To wrap it up

We understand that the urge to have a steaming cup of coffee in the morning seems too hard to resist, and we agree that it won’t be easy. But at least you can take tiny steps of having some nutritious breakfast in the morning and then switching to your coffee. After all, everyone wants a healthy body. Don’t you?

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