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Maybe You’ve Been Too Harsh With The Mediterranean Diet

We usually envy the spritely physique of the people living near the Mediterranean sea. Their never-aging skin and the healthy glow that lights up their face is our dream look which we try to replicate with faux natural makeup and detoxifying skin regimens. However, the fact is we still cannot imitate the glamour of that red flushed skin, and neither can we achieve that toned body shape.

The secret of the Mediterranean lifestyle

Unsplash | Fish is a big part of the Mediterranean diet

Upon studies, the cause of the Greek’s healthy body and lifestyle has been attributed to the Mediterranean diet. Though it is not a declared or strictly patterned diet, it has a few constants. It is based widely on fruits, vegetables, and whole grains with a weekly intake of white lean meat and avoidance of red meat.

Dairy products are also encouraged in moderation. There is no penalty on the consumption of red wine, however, it is suggested to not make it an addiction. The World Health Organization has identified the Mediterranean diet as a way of sustainable eating and has dubbed it an invaluable cultural asset that should be adopted worldwide to support healthy living and reduce medical risks.

Mediterranean diet and its multiple health benefits!

Mediterranean diet carries a lot of health benefits with itself. It is based on healthy fats and shyness unhealthy unsaturated and trans fats. This is done by consuming fish instead of red meat that is high in cholesterol.

Likewise, the fish is usually grilled to avoid overlaying it with unhealthy oils which become essential if you plan to deep fry them instead. The only oil used in the Mediterranean kitchens is olive oil. Olive oil is dense with monosaturated fats which are effective in lowering cholesterol in the body.

Unsplash | Olive oil is extremely healthy

Does it have to be bland and tasteless?

When we talk about avoiding oils, everyone automatically assumes we are encouraging them to hike on a diet that reduces food to fulfilling dietary requirements only rather than also tantalizing tastebuds. However, it is a myth that needs to be busted.

Mediterranean diet, in fact, encourages the use of spices and nuts to make the food flavorful. It is cardinal to a healthy diet because using plentiful spices reduces the reliance on salt because salt can be hazardous for heart health.

Unsplash | Nuts are great to snack on

So what are you waiting for? Grab your mortar and pestle to make your own favorite blend of spices to season your Mediterranean salads for they are both healthy and tasty.

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